A Letter From Paul Zuelke

Dear Doctor,

For years I have been working on designing a product that would automate the patient grading process that we teach at Zuelke & Associates. I wanted an inexpensive, simple, and quick way to consistently and accurately identify the credit worthiness of patients.

I am pleased to say that I have finally accomplished my goal, and the result, the Zuelke Automated Credit Coach (ZACC) is even more accurate and easy to use than I had hoped it would be. This online software (ZACC) is only available from OrthoBanc, LLC.


Paul Zuelke,

President, Zuelke & Associates

Paul Zuelke is president and founder of Zuelke & Associates, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in teaching practices how to identify the credit worthiness of their patients, negotiate sound financial arrangements, and manage patient accounts effectively.

Mr. Zuelke’s extensive professional background in lending and corporate finance, in addition to 30 years of experience with over 1000 client practices located throughout the United States and Canada, position him as the leading authority in using effective credit granting to build a quality healthcare practice.”

Mr. Zuelke is the author of Penwell Publishing’s bestselling book, “Cash or Credit? A Nuts and Bolts Guide to Effective Credit Management.” He has also authored many articles, and has lectured extensively at local, state, and national meetings throughout the country.