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Zuelke Automated Credit Coach

View letter grade reports & payment plan recommendations for every patient.


Increase Case Acceptance with Flexible Payment Options

Patients who are financially stable and have an outstanding credit history may still lack the financial means to pay in-full for an expensive treatment. The traditional solution, third-party financing, is typically not desirable for these savvy consumers.

Don’t let limited payment options cause your practice to lose business. Use ZACC to determine which patients are great candidates for flexible payment options and gain greater case acceptance today!




Protect Your Practice from Delinquency

Patients with poor credit history are less likely to meet payment deadlines. Presenting flexible payment options to these high-risk patients may cause the profitability of your practice to suffer.

Don’t let financially irresponsible consumers wreak havoc on your bottom-line. Use ZACC to determine which patients should be offered more limited payment options and reduce the likelihood of payment delinquency!

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